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Nationalisation Vs Privatisation:

Over the last 30-40 years the nation’s wealth of property and utilities have been steadily sold off for bargain basement prices to private interests. Those companies now sell those same services back to us and make huge profits. At the same time they extract huge subsidies from the government via our taxes.

Right now the government is selling off the most profitable chunks of our NHS.
The police will be next. This has got to stop.

Recent polls suggest that over two thirds of British people want to see the return of essential services to National ownership. The Reality Party is committed to halt all further privatisation of public services and to start a realistic process to renationalise essential services including water, energy, transport and the formation of a National Bank.


Our energy policy cannot be controlled by the vested interests of the fossil fuel corporations as is the case today. Climate change and Global Warming are a scientific reality. There is only one solution for our energy security. Renewable Energy technology is improving at a rapid rate and the costs are also falling rapidly. Green Energy companies in the UK are being squeezed and obstructed by the current government acting under the influence of the fossil fuel lobbyists who are also extracting large subsidies.

Even today Green Energy companies provide the cheapest energy for people on key meters, due to the way the big six energy companies weight their charges.

Fracking for more fossil fuels is a technology that is fraught with serious risks to our water, health, environment, economy and future stability. Fracking will undermine investment into renewables and push us further towards climate chaos. It is the wrong way to go and the consequences could be disastrous. Only renewable energy has the potential to lower our energy bills in the long term as opposed to the 20% increases year on year we are suffering from the big six.

The Reality Party is committed to creating clear pathways for private investment in renewable energy, a nationally owned renewable energy generation company and support for community owned renewable energy Cooperatives.

Investment in the National Grid Network; a total ban on Fracking; national roll out of retrofitting insulation and other energy saving measures.This policy has the potential to create over 1,000,000 real jobs


Whilst most ordinary people in Britain suffer the daily hardship of austerity cuts, Transnational Corporations, High St chains and Financial Institutions avoid paying millions in tax every year. Current estimates put the figure at 120 Billion a year or 337 million a day. British favourites like ‘Boots the Chemist’ make millions from charging the government for NHS prescriptions out of our taxes but then move their profits offshore and pay paltry amounts of tax in the UK.

This has to stop. If we collected those taxes that are due to us, there would be no need for austerity cuts. This money would be used to boost businesses, create jobs and build homes. The Reality Party is committed to a fairer taxation policy with an assessment procedure put in place to tax companies and institutions that refuse to pay their fair share. Offshore tax havens will be boycotted or closed down.
UK citizens holding secret funds offshore will be offered an amnesty to repatriate their money and pay a 25% flat rate tax or face losing their citizenship.

Pay Day Loans:

A grim reality for hundreds of thousands of British people is spiralling personal debt creating misery and a sense of helplessness. Incredibly the government has sanctioned the establishment of legalised loan sharks through payday loan providers charging up to 300% interest.

The Reality Party is committed to banning these practices


To address the housing crisis in the UK he Reality Party will create an investment scheme working with local councils and contractors to build carbon neutral eco friendly social housing on brownfield sites. Rents will be government guaranteed for the period of the investment payback (20 years) after which time property ownership will transfer to the nation. Community Land Trusts are non-profit, community-based organisations run by volunteers that develop housing, workspaces, community facilities or other assets that meet the needs of the community, are owned and controlled by the community and are made available at permanently affordable levels. This, and other models of community owned and managed housing, are working well across the country. We will provide the practical support required to roll these out more widely.


Education is vital for the duty of care that we owe to young people and creating the skill base we need for the future. The Reality Party will work with the teaching profession and unions to help define a ten year plan for improving education. We are committed to phase out tuition fees for students, so that it is not only the rich who can afford education.

Inter-generational schemes which promote the sharing of skills and knowledge will be promoted, particularly in relation to food growing. Permaculture and horticulture will be introduced into the curriculum in conjunction with community gardens and the food produced will be distributed to schools and the local community.


The benefits of EU membership are enormous in terms of trade, free movement, Human Rights, and access to services. The Reality Party would strengthen our commitment to the European Union. However trade agreements like TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) are being pushed through the back door of the EU in secret. This particular agreement would hand fiscal sovereignty to the EU, help to further privatize the NHS and allow corporations to sue the government if it passes legislation that might damage their profits (e.g. Plain packaging on cigarettes).

This is totally unacceptable and would demolish our democracy. If this trade agreement were to become a reality then we would seek to overturn the agreement or exit the EU as a last resort. We aim to introduce a rigorous social charter for corporations, encouraging those who play fair, and bringing the corporate vultures who place the importance of money over wellbeing in line.

Corruption in Government:

The Reality Party would introduce serious penalties including confiscation of assets and minimum prison sentences for public officials and politicians found guilty of corruption in office or acting for personal gain and against the interest of the British people. This would go hand in hand with a substantial increase in politician’s pay, designed to create a system whereby being elected as a politician is a highly respected and well paid job attracting the best candidates in the country. Expenses will be replaced with travel cards and purpose built accommodation. Self interest and corrupt practices will not be tolerated. The Reality Party is committed to increasing our democracy and people’s participation in decision making. We will seek to set up systems that allow instant referendums via social media and also set up a consultation on the ideas. of proxy or compulsory voting. We can only be a true democracy when all of the people in our land have a voice.